Hilary writes…

Published July 10, 2020

On the resumption of Bushmen Cricket

As supporters, we can’t be with you, but:

Hip, hip, hip, hooray: cricket’s up today,
We’re back on the field of play,
Don’t dream of tea,
That cannot be,
But here’s to a lovely day.

Newdigate we love and hate,
Win (or lose), it’s a special date
For years before:
It’s Bushmen lore,
But the match is always a fête.
We’ll do our research, and stats will win or shame,
Whether they tell of fast or spin, and no chance of blame,
Newdigate is in our hearts,
Even those of the aged farts,
Let the best men win!

All cheers to both sides, and best of luck.
Hilary Latey
Bushmen Secretary pro tem

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