A Close Run Thing

Published December 8, 2014

There has been some discussion lately via email on an extraordinary game of cricket which took place fifty years ago.  Richard Heller and Khan Shehram Eusufzye wrote it up a few months ago and I’m happy to bring it to a wider audience. By Richard Heller and Khan Shehram Eusufzye  December 1964. Re-elected President Lyndon Johnson plans to escalate the bombing of Vietnam. Students stage a massive sit-in at Berkeley, California. The Beatles release an album with the self-mocking title “Beatles For Sale”. Dera Ismail Khan is then a sleepy market town in Pakistan’s North West Frontier Province: official population around […]

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The Ghosts of Bush

Published December 7, 2014

One of my guests at the recent Galsworthy dinner was Robin the Fog, who describes himself as a sound artist, radio producer, tape loop wrangler and obsessive.  Robin Warren (for that is the name against which he appears on shift rotas) is in fact a Studio Manager who creates incredible sounds from mundane objects and who works in the analogue domain.  Just before the demise of Bush House, Robin created ‘The Ghosts of Bush’, a tribute to that extraordinary building.  The vinyl (of course!) edition has been sold out for some time, but go to http://thefogsignals.com/album/the-ghosts-of-bush and you can listen to […]

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