Team Sheet for Fernhurst, 22nd May 2016

Published May 21, 2016

Fernhurst 2016

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Team Sheet for Cobham, 15th May 2016

Published May 9, 2016

Cobham 2016

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Team Sheet for Farleigh Wallop 1st May 2016

Published April 25, 2016

Farleigh Wallop 2016

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An old picture

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Another day of Infamy (or in for me…) By Richard Heller

Published October 4, 2015

Extended and amended version of article in The Mail On Sunday October 4, 2015 As the late baseball legend Yogi Berra once said: it was like déja vu all over again. I had become infamous for the second time by writing some words which produced a response from the leader of the Labour party. I discovered this in the strange setting of a Karachi traffic jam. Stranger still, it was a positive response from a leader I had fought for most of my political life. The first brush with notoriety was in far-off 1987. Shortly before that year’s General Election […]

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The events at Hartley Wintney, by Lyndon Jones

Published September 7, 2015

A day of glorious September sunshine at Hartley Wintney. In a timed game the Bushmen batted first, and posted a total of 114. Will Jones scored a punchy 26 before getting a leading edge; and Michael Cockerell batted for over an hour to contribute a valuable 21 to the Bushmen total. The afternoon’s most bizarre incident took place outside the pavilion, where a pigeon attempted to settle on Lyndon’s head. Following a tea that would be a strong contender for best of the season, a slightly-too-contented Bushmen XI took the field. A dropped chance in the first over (difficult, admittedly) […]

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The events at Nuthurst by Lyndon Jones

Published August 22, 2015

Sunday 16th August 2015 – a disappointing day at Nuthurst for the Bushmen. Very odd weather – mild and overcast, with cool, clammy moisture in the air. The Nuthurst wicket – always a sporting strip – looked damp and greasy. Nuthurst won the toss and elected to field – a timed game. The Bushmen were joined by guest Robb Davies, an old cricketing pal of Lyndon’s from St Brides Major in the Vale of Glamorgan, who opened the batting and kept wicket very tidily. Thanks to Richard Heller for stepping down in order to give Robb a place in the […]

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Scoring a century (sort of) in Lahore by Richard Heller

Published August 22, 2015

For a batsman like myself in the sunset of a career whose noon was little brighter than the planet Pluto’s it is rarely advisable to accept an invitation to receive deliveries from a 12-year-old bowler. It is even less advisable in Pakistan. The boy will either be the next Waqar Younis, with a late toe-crushing yorker, or the next Abdul Qadir, with an assortment of wrist-spun mysteries. But it is hard to refuse. Pakistanis are very good mannered to visitors, especially over cricket since they have seen so few of them in the last six years. After the terrorist attack […]

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Victory in Suffolk!

Published July 26, 2015

A mixed weekend in Suffolk: a victory against the Queen’s Head and the Sunday game washed out.  Good meal at the QH afterwards! Here’s what happened in the Saturday game: Nick 52 retired not out; Chris Ancil 51 retired not out; Will Jones 54 retired not out; Will Jones 4 for 24. 40 over game, Queen’s Head won the toss and put us in.  Limit of 8 overs per bowler and batsmen had to retire at 50 but could return at the end of the innings. We made 233 for 3, they were keeping up with the asking rate thanks […]

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Scorecard for Bushmen versus Outwood, Sunday 28th June 2015

Published June 29, 2015

Result Bushmen versus Outwood 2015

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