Bush House Remembered

Mike Popham writes……

A limited edition of a 1927 etching of Bush House by William Larkins, a contemporary of Graham Sutherland at Goldsmith’s, is being offered for sale by Neil Jennings, an art dealer in Twickenham…..Neil is offering veterans of the World Service and others who have fond memories of Bush House the chance to buy one of the 75 prints at a special price of £156(including VAT but unframed) until the beginning of the Print Fair at the Royal Academy(April 24-27) when I’m told the price will go up to nearly £200….
Neil can be contacted by email at neil@jenningsfineart.co.uk  or via his mobile telephone 07812 994558 or at 
Neil Jennings
Jennings Fine Art
1 Preston Close
TW 2 5RU